Canada Post Custom Stock Photo Library

Asmanager of brand development at Canada Post, I handled a wide range of projects aimed at building the brand.

I lead a project to develop a series of “brand-right” stock imagery that could be used in a variety of situations such as advertising and print collateral. Custom images were necessary due to the specific nature of Canada Post. It was not possible to use generic stock imagery due to uniforms, product placement, and of course, real Canadian locations were a must.

I came up with scenarios, planned out the shots, assigned photographers, scouted locations, selected models, and created props.

In this example, the imagery was used to create a screensaver that would run on all Canada Post employee workstations.

The image library still exists although some new images have been added since I was involved.

Client, project manager: James Welsh
Art Direction: Don Wong, James Welsh
Photography: Headlight, Mitch Lenet