How Do You Describe the Undescribable in 16 Pages?

The problem here was how to show the beadth of services the Conference Board provided, in a way that made it easy to understand, and in a format that appeared simple, uncomplicated and comfortable.

The Conference Board of Canada has a long and distinguished history, it is regularly quoted in the important media and it’s experts provide research that influences some of the most iportant topics of the day. One of it’s brand identity problems is the brand means so many things to so many people. So the point of this brochure was to talk about the different things the Conference Board did.

We made sure the booklet was easy to read and buzzword-free even though it covered the mission and positioning of the organization. The brochure described lines of business, areas of expertise, major accomplishments and the composition of the board of directors.

I facilitated discussions with internal stakeholders, conducted brainstorming sessions, worked with the creative team and the management team to isolate the themes of the brochure. We tested prototypes with customers prior to publication. The document is updated regularly as new case studies are completed.

Creative Direction: James Welsh
Copy: Jane Daly
Design: Debbie Janes